1-on-1 Private Makeup Lessons in Northern, NJ

Enjoy an in-depth class that runs up to 4 hours and shows behind-the-scenes secrets of today’s top glam artists. Scheduling & costs will be covered during the initial follow-up.

Lacey’s curriculum includes the following topics:

  • Proper skin prep
  • Perfect brow shape
  • Defining brows
  • Shading application
  • Glam eye techniques
  • Flawless foundation and base
  • Cream Contour and highlight placement
  • Setting the face
  • Baking / areas to bake
  • Color correcting
  • The correct way to over line lips and create the perfect pout
  • Blush/bronzer/ powder contour and highlight placement
  • Setting the makeup to make it last all day and night
  • Product must haves
  • Lighting and photos¬†
  • Bridal kit tips
  • Tips for mature skin clients
  • And more!